accidental-terrorist (meanwhile back at the NSA)

15 May


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Ever wonder what it would take to bring the man to your door? Why are the NSA going through all this effort to data base our calls? What kind of phone company would participate in such a thing? Meanwhile back at the NSA they are tracking down confidential sources from phone calls made by ABC News and the Washington Post. They are doing this to “track down the CIA leak.” Yeah right! What they are doing in essence is the same thing a baseball pitcher does when he hits the batter. The NSA, CIA, FBI & DHS are backing the press off the plate so that the press won’t hit any more home runs. So that no more little white lies turn black. So that the public doesn’t hear any more scandals. So that every one is ignorant, happy and blissed out that we have an arrogant scoff-law for not only a president but an administration as well.

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