01 Dec


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Self portrait in my large oversized wool navy p-coat. I am smoking not getting my temperature taken. I felt a little funny about the coat until the first sharp blast of cold air hit my hands and legs, but not my body. Everything from knees to shoulders are toasty fine.

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One response to “pea-coat

  1. stoneunhinged

    December 21, 2006 at 9:40 am

    A pea-coat is cool. When you say “everything from knees to shoulders are toasty fine”, what more could you ask?

    Living in Germany, sometimes I tell people that I’ve been cold since 1989 (the year I moved from Texas to Pennsylvania).

    The problem with a pea-coat for me would be that you can’t easily ride a bicycle wearing one, and that it doesn’t look “cowboy” at all (my current cloathing fetish).

    Anyway, the only reason I’m commenting at all is that it is fricking cool to see a self-portrait of you in order to have some kind of idea what you look like after reading your blog for almost a year.

    The most interesting thing, of course, is the face, and not the pea-coat. It reminds me of Charlie Brown–a kind of wistful, “This is life…SIGH…what can I do about it?” kind of attitude, which doesn’t sound at all like Blogging Beth.

    But what do I know about art?



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