chickadee & nuthatch

22 Mar

chickadee & nuthatch

Originally uploaded by badger beth.

I went a little Mark Trail on this one. Aren’t they cute? Drawn with a med point black ink pen (Silver metal Parker) on a piece of scratch paper as is most of my stuff these days. I find that cheap materials actually free me up and keep me loose. Expensive paper just gathers dust at my house, and I have a plethora of gorgeous pens that are probably dry by now. My favorite drawing surface is a doodle pad…nice especially when I have a super juicy cheap ink pen that blots and smears.
Doodling means never having to erase! Now for our world news round up 3.22.07: Justin Timberlake will not be an honorary Tennessean • People are pissed off about a polar bear cub being adopted by some really nice guy who sings to him • Don’t buy the wet pet food, just don’t • No pork in the Iraq bill say GOP, it’s against their religion • Mugabe away! We can only hope so for the sake of Zimbabwe • North Korea took their ball and went home, talks fall through • Speach! Speach! Karl Rove to speak to congress (or whoever, like it mattes)


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3 responses to “chickadee & nuthatch

  1. Kathy T.

    March 23, 2007 at 3:11 am

    I :::LOVE::: that cartoon. And the nuthatch and the chickadee look perfect. My parents have a bird feeder outside their sunroom window and I could watch the birds for hours.

  2. racknine

    March 23, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    Nice picture. Not like the other ones…a lot of realism going on there. I like.

    Grrr…you’re eating Sandi’s lasagne!! See about mailing a piece to me!


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