high gas prices

17 May


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“sometiiiimes it seeems so uuuseless to complain…”
Big Oil (to use the worn out phrase) has got our backs against the wall this time. They could raise the price of gas to $5 and we’d still pay it, cause they know we’d have to in order to go to work, go to the store or visit our out of town families. We’ll gripe of course, but that doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. Public transport is rare here in small town USA most don’t even have cab service. It’s 15 miles to the nearest train station (well unless you care to hop a freight). You could get a ride from the cops, but I don’t think they’d take you where you want to go. A horse might be handy, but where do you put a horse while you are at work? We don’t have hitching posts anymore. We are being asked to trim our oil consumption, but as jobs leave small town america people who live in those small towns have to drive further out to get work. So we wring our hands, whine, gripe and pay up because it just seems so useless to complain.

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