fraidy cat

06 Aug

fraidy cat

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I am scared of just about everything. Lately it’s bridges. How does a structure of concrete and steel just collapse just like that. No warning. No notice. Just kablooey! Down in a heap in the river. I was apprehensive before when crossing one, now I’m freaked. First off I am a nervous passenger, always stomping on the imaginary brake and white knuckling the “oh-shit handle”. When I drive I make my grandma seem reckless. I’m scared to death of heights too. I can barely get up on a ladder to change the light bulbs in my house. I like lamps I can reach with my feet on the floor. So when you combine these two phobias you get my bridge anxiety. I think I’ll just take the ferry thanks. And now for a confession ,speaking of anxiety, my nerves are kinda raw. If I have snapped at you it is because of this more than anything else. I truly am sorry for that and will try to find a more healthy way of releasing the steam. No excuse, I know, but a reason so you’ll know.

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One response to “fraidy cat

  1. newscoma

    August 6, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Eeeh, don’t be scared.
    We got your back, just like you have ours.
    Or maybe we do.
    Much to ponder.


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