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sudan, at it again

If you were to replace Sudanese Muslims with conservative Christians (Southern Baptist usually) and if someone were to name the teddy bear Jesus instead of Muhammed what do you think would happen? Would it be anything like what has happened to this lady?

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i am a shroom

i just deleted the post i had here. i decided that after all, the thing to do would be to go have a drink. i’m sick. i’m tired. i’m annoyed. so i think a few beers at caddy’s would do the trick. (another line deleted here) f-it. bye

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Well I’m off to eat some turkey. I’ve got a sure nuff busy week ahead, lots of traveling. Tonight i’m off to Paducah. Tomorrow night i will be in Bugtussle with the rodent queen and ‘coma. Thursday i’m going to see the family cross the river. run back to see a friend that night. wake up friday, go to work, run back across the river. from there it’s off to the hills of east tn to see more kinfolk. If anyone is going to be in my town sunday, meet me at the bar. i’m breathless just thinking of it. sort of like the turkey in this picture.


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i’d rather eat my shorts

right now i am trying to eat some of those little microwaveable noodle things where you ad water and nuke it for a bit. the expectation was that it would be edible after 7 minutes. i new i had been deceived  when i opened the package and saw the little shredded bits of carrots & cabbage and something else small and round (chicken?). the absolute best was the liquid “seasoning” that i had to pour over the steaming gelatinous pile of crap. it looked like used oil. wtf? it’s supposed to be chicken flavored. i don’t taste any bloody chicken. and that is what this post has turned out to be about. chicken. greasy, savory, fried, baked & roasted chicken. not chicken friggin pebbles! i don’t even know why they bothered putting it in the noodle kit, it’s almost too small to chew. just what part of the chicken did they use? (no! oh god, don’t answer that) i guess i should admit that, yes i ate it anyway all except for the chicken knuckles. i wish i had a bologna sandwich


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gene shalot?

This pad has been sitting on my desk all week, and as with all things that don’t move fast enough it got doodled. Does this guy look like gene shalot to anyone else?gene shalot?

by the way this guy is awesome and has some really great links, wow 

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tased: why it matters

“Don’t tase me bro!” part 2

Even if he did it according to plan or not, the events that occurred afterward brought attention to a serious problem. Our own country (the land of the free, home of the brave) is perilous close to being a police state where the news is shut down and dissidents are imprisoned. Here are some comments from people who are in Pakistan during all the unrest. When we read this does anything sound familiar? If you don’t, open google and type in protesters arrested. If not type in reporter arrested. This will probably be the first on the list, incredible. He isn’t even elected yet and he’s already acting the part.

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suckered by an advertisement

I spent a lot of time playing with this cool little site

I know it’s just marketing, but it’s slick, fun and interactive. It’s advertising that works.babbitcock


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