i’d rather eat my shorts

13 Nov

right now i am trying to eat some of those little microwaveable noodle things where you ad water and nuke it for a bit. the expectation was that it would be edible after 7 minutes. i new i had been deceived  when i opened the package and saw the little shredded bits of carrots & cabbage and something else small and round (chicken?). the absolute best was the liquid “seasoning” that i had to pour over the steaming gelatinous pile of crap. it looked like used oil. wtf? it’s supposed to be chicken flavored. i don’t taste any bloody chicken. and that is what this post has turned out to be about. chicken. greasy, savory, fried, baked & roasted chicken. not chicken friggin pebbles! i don’t even know why they bothered putting it in the noodle kit, it’s almost too small to chew. just what part of the chicken did they use? (no! oh god, don’t answer that) i guess i should admit that, yes i ate it anyway all except for the chicken knuckles. i wish i had a bologna sandwich


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2 responses to “i’d rather eat my shorts

  1. Scout

    November 14, 2007 at 1:33 pm

    Oh Badger… and your crazy inedible noodle combinations.


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