the cia: cuts their nose to spite their face

11 Dec


The fact that the CIA deleted the torture tapes tells me they were beyond the pale even for the CIA. Must have been one hell of a snuff film.

I was thinking random thoughts while reading a classified ad that was advertising catboarding and I wondered to myself, “Is that anything like waterboarding? If it is, could it be considered torture?”

Then for some reason this morning I was thinking about Oprah and her endorsement of Obama. There’s quite a buzz right now about her “political power.” I’m speculating that one day she will enter a more political arena and this is her way of getting her feet wet. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch for her. She has her own show, her own magazine, her own channel and she does nice things for people. Poor Obama, he’s almost overshadowed by her. Queen Oprah.

On the walk to work I discovered that I shouldn’t have worn a coat because it was actually hot outside. Yesterday was cold and damp. I never could get the hang of this time of year.

The picture above is a rough of tomorrow’s cartoon unless one of these other weird ideas takes root and we have John Ashcroft getting catboarded or Queen Oprah for president. We’ll see.

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