John Edwards: Forgotten Candidate?

09 Jan


Just seems to me that someone got left behind in the midst of all this Clinton-Obama tempest in a teapot. I guess most voters are not 100% convinced of his sincerity, but honestly I’m not worried about your sincerity here candidates. I’m worried about “Are you going to throw our constitution under a bus, like the current pres? Are you going to make me grit my teeth painfully every time you get up to speak because I’m afraid you’ll say something stupid or dangerous? Will you uphold the law of the land and make your staff do the same?” See that’s what I truly care about. If our current president could’ve given us that our country would have had some comfort during this rough period. If you want my vote assure me that I won’t have to go through 4 years of more crap like the last 8.


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2 responses to “John Edwards: Forgotten Candidate?

  1. Kathy T.

    January 10, 2008 at 5:03 am

    Amen girlfriend!


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