Campaign till you puke!

17 Mar

The voting block isn’t the only group experiencing primary fatigue. Hell, I’m so sick of election year already that I’m ready to give them all the finger. Hillary, Barrack lets act like you’re in the same party, you know the Democratic Party, the party that’s going to lose this election if ya’ll keep it up. I’ve heard less trash talk in professional wrestling than I have in this primary season. I know that there are some really charged issues in this race (race & gender, blah, blah, blah and all that) but shouldn’t we as a party be approaching these with more civility? How am I supposed to believe that either one of you are capable of handling the issues this country faces when ya’ll can’t even act right during a campaign? Both of you need to suck it up and dry it up. Try to act presidential and maybe I’ll believe you.

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