Sunshine Week

17 Mar

It’s that time of year that we celebrate open government! (or not as the case may be) Anyhow me & Newscoma will celebrate it.

“Three-quarters of American adults view the federal government as secretive, and nearly nine in 10 say it’s important to know presidential and congressional candidates’ positions on open government when deciding who to vote for, according to a Sunshine Week survey by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University.

The survey shows a significant increase over the past three years in the percentage of Americans who believe the federal government is very or somewhat secretive, from 62 percent of those surveyed in 2006 to 74 percent in 2008.”

That’s a scary percentage of people who have grown wary of their government. It’s not what I would call a vote of confidence. Even on a local level:

“Those who see local government as secretive increased from 34 percent in 2007 to 40 percent in the 2008 survey.”

And of course there’s this from the files of “Captain Obvious”.

“Despite ordering improvements more than two years ago, President Bush has barely made a dent in the huge backlog of unanswered requests under the Freedom of Information Act.”

So what’s the big secret? Let the sunshine in!

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