Ben Bernanke: It IS the economy stoo-pid

02 Apr

This guy must be living in another country, because in my country we be huuuunnngrrryyy. Well, that’s actually an exaggeration. Not so much hungry as irritated and broke as hell. Here’s what I think, things have been bad here in rural USA for a while. Jobs have been leaving here faster than our young people and it seems like just now it has gotten worldwide attention. Why just now? Well kids, it’s like this – the only part of rural America that urban America gives 2 rat shits about is the agricultural part. That’s because urbanites have to get their food from somewhere.

Whew, see what I mean by irritated?

I was originally going to run this in The Press for April 3rd, but then I remembered that my cartoon was across from the obits and thought better of it. I went ahead and finished drawing it, because I thought it was funny. Before you say it, I know, I know the skeletons are not right. They’re cartoon skeletons, you know. Speaking of bad drawing, as far as I know Mr. Bernanke is not cross eyed. Not as far as I know.

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