Too much time on my hands

09 May

Yes, I know I’ve been lax here lately. Life gets busy and the pencil doesn’t get used much. That and I’ve been worn the slap out this week and haven’t felt the blogging thing. My mood is somewhere between pacing a cage and staring into space. I’ve been trying to communicate with IT folk and it has been frustrating to say the least. They probably think I’m an idiot. Hell, I felt kinda dumb.

IT Lady: You need to change the permissions on that folder.

Me: Um….errrr…wha?

The poor woman had to walk me through it. Then there was the pica discussion. We don’t use picas we use inches. So it was another um…errr moment. Bless the woman she converted it for me.

Basically work is hectic and the time spent away from work feels heavy. There’s just something ominous about the ticking of a clock.

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