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Spreadsheet Genie

This is what happens to spreadsheets when they have been sitting in front of me all day.

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The AP and Fair Use: BOLLOCKS!

I had no idea that corporate media had gotten this bad. The Associated Press is charging people to quote more than 4 words from any AP article. Here, the AP versus The Drudge Retort. Ahem, not the more well known Drudge Report (infringement?)

So I went to and looked at their terms of use. Wowzers, I think I might have broken number 7. Personally if I use a story by any entity I always link and give credit to the source. That’s just the right thing to do, but the AP is being really heavy handed here. For instance take a look at #5 in their terms of use, “no derivative” works. So basically if I am reading an AP story and am inspired to draw a cartoon about said story is that against their terms? According to #6 you can make a single copy for personal use only, sure you can fax or write them for further permissions but by the time the story is cold.

With all that being said (a newscomaism) #2 on the terms of use pretty much sums it up for me. They can change their terms at any time. So today you are a legal beagle, tomorrow a hardened criminal. Typical in this post 9/11 world where taking pictures can land you in the slammer and linking to AP can send you to the poor house.


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