Blade Britain

22 Jul

from The Daily Mail

In America you’re likely to get shot. In Britain there’s a greater likelihood that you will be stabbed. The story is here at The Daily Mail. I came to that story from this at Boing Boing. And if you think that America’s gov is security mad check this out from The Daily Mail article from the mouth of Ian Johnston president of The Police Superintendents Association,

Mr Johnston called for more robust stop-and-search tactics.

‘We must get back to the time when members of the public accept that even if they have done nothing wrong, and are not carrying a knife, they must not object to a police officer questioning them and in some cases searching them,’ he said.

You might (or might not) ask yourself “why knives?” Because it is nearly impossible for an average British citizen to get ownership rights to a gun. From Wikipedia on Britain’s gun laws,

To obtain a firearm certificate, the police must be convinced that a person has “good reason” to own each gun, and that they can be trusted with it “without danger to the public safety or to the peace”. Under Home Office guidelines, gun licenses are only issued if a person has legitimate sporting or work-related reasons for owning a gun. Since 1946, self-defence has not been considered a valid reason to own a gun. The current licensing procedure involves: positive verification of identity, two referees of verifiably good character who have known the applicant for at least two years (and who may themselves be interviewed and/or investigated as part of the certification), approval of the application by the applicant’s own family doctor, an inspection of the premises and cabinet where guns will be kept and a face-to-face interview by a Firearms Enquiry OfficerFirearms Liaison Officer (FLO). A thorough background check of the applicant is then made by Special Branch on behalf of the firearms licensing department. Only when all these stages have been satisfactorily completed will a license be issued.

So you see, quite impossible. Explains why knives are so prevalent.

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