John McCain: in the open

31 Jul

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I am not very pretty today. As you can see I am wearing my favorite pearl snap western shirt, the only pair of pants that’s not too tight or falling off of me and flip flops. A hair cut would help, but that would still leave the wardrobe.

On the political front, have you read John McCain’s web site?

Here he is on balancing the budget.

Here’s an excerpt, a real doozy,

A one-year spending pause. Freeze non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending for a year and use those savings for deficit reduction. A one-year pause in the growth of discretionary spending will be imposed to allow for a comprehensive review of all spending programs. After the completion of a comprehensive review of all programs, projects and activities of the federal government, we will propose a plan to modernize, streamline, consolidate, reprioritize and, where needed, terminate individual programs.

And here he is on the military.

And another excerpt of course,

…John McCain believes that the answer to these challenges is not to roll back our overseas commitments. The size and composition of our armed forces must be matched to our nation’s defense requirements. As requirements expand in the global war on terrorism so must our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard be reconfigured to meet these new challenges. John McCain thinks it is especially important to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps to defend against the threats we face today.

One more issue he feels passionately about is the second ammendment. On which I can agree with except for the following,

Assault Weapons
John McCain opposes restrictions on so-called “assault rifles” and voted consistently against such bans. Most recently he opposed an amendment to extend a ban on 19 specific firearms, and others with similar characteristics.

Importation of High Capacity Magazines
John McCain opposes bans on the importation of certain types of ammunition magazines and has voted against such limitations.

Compare and contrast, talk amongst yourselves. Are his ideas sound? Here, read some more.

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