Newscoma and I: The doodle game

31 Oct

The doodle game goes like this, someone has to start it out with a line or shape to start the drawing off. Sometimes “the starter” will have something in mind, most times they are just trying to stump you. They then pass the drawing on to the next person. (This game can encompass any number of players.) The drawing is passed around or back and forth until it is declared to be too silly or wrong to continue and is declared done. This game can go on for hours (or days) as it did for me and Newscoma.

still ok here

Mabel and Kid Rock

Yay! Obama! (and Diggler of course)

Yay! Obama! (and Diggler of course)

the palin, bullwinkley and rocky show

the palin, bullwinkle and rocky show

Newscoma did the eyes and ears on Mabel, the hair on Kid Rock, the nose ears and mouth on Obama, and I can’t really remember about the Palin page.

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One response to “Newscoma and I: The doodle game

  1. scoutabout

    November 4, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    You guys are awesome. I love it!!


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