Public Records: They are YOUR records

22 Jan
I never could solve those damned things

I never could solve those damned things

They really are YOUR records after all because they are PUBLIC records. You should be able to walk up to the clerk and ask to see them without unnecessary red tape or extra fees tacked on to what you already pay for with YOUR tax money.
From Newscoma:
* File paperwork for “Inspection/Duplication of Records Request” It’s more paperwork than you would think.
* Government offices can deny a records request
* They can charge you for labor charges. Let’s remember we are already paying salaries with tax dollars, but, yep, they can charge you an “hourly” wage.

I’m not sure about all of ya’ll, but I despise extra paperwork. Here we are in the digital age and we’re still filling out little pieces of paper to get more pieces of paper. I also hate hassles. If you make me jump through hoops to get something, I’ll probably reevaluate my plans for the day and say “ah, fuck it.” If this seems like a pain to me, imagine if you’re just some average, non media Joe and you NEED those records for court or what have you and what you get is a stack of paperwork. What if Joe needs those records, like needs them toot-sweet? Sorry mate they can take up to 7 days to get them to you. What if the clerk is an in-law of Joe and hates him anyhow. Request denied. See how easy it would be to marginalize a person with pieces of paper?

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