Are you a Democrat or a Mouse?

03 Apr

democrat-mouse-webThis dedicated to all those Democrats who are entirely too chummy with the GOP because they don’t want to lose any Republican votes for them. They forget that it is they who lost us Democrat leadership in the House and Senate here in TN. The new anti gun control laws? Their fault. The utter chaos that the TNDP is in? Also their fault. Why would you even put yourself out there as a Democrat (or not, in the case of local Democrats who don’t want to be identified as such) and take the money, time and other support from your Democrat constituents if you are just going to go all weak in the knees in front of a Republican and cave? It’s disgusting and cowardly. I know there will be some that would say “What do I know?” Well, I’ll tell you what I know, I’m pissed. And so are some other Democrats I know. So let me ask you, Are you a Democrat or a mouse?

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